Go on it from a Monogamist: Polyamorists Get It Done Better

Go on it from a Monogamist: Polyamorists Get It Done Better

Polyamory ended up being never ever to my radar. Growing through to the East Coast, we hadn’t also heard the phrase. We had questioned the basic concept of forever monogamy but had seldom heard this notion indicated publicly.

But once we relocated to san francisco bay area, i came across that lots of individuals within my community that is new identified polyamorous or had done this sooner or later. We ignorantly assumed that “poly” was similar to “open relationship,” but with additional transparency about intercourse.

Therefore after surviving in San F r ancisco for some time, we figured it had been time and energy to discover what polyamory actually means from those who could really let me know. As soon as we learned more I found that the poly people I met were doing relationships better than my monogamous friends about it.

(i’d like to result in the sweeping caveat right here that i really do not understand, nor can ever know, everyone’s relationship experiences.

The poly folks to who we spoke stressed that everyone’s experiences have become various and therefore there’s no “right” way to be polyamorous.)

As my buddy Faith explained, “Polyamory is about developing relationships with several people, but polyamory can seem like several things. Relationships take on numerous different types, which is as much as the individuals in them to define exactly what that involves.”

What Exactly Is Polyamory?

In the event that goal of monogamy is to look for an individual who fulfills your entire needs, polyamory, in principal, is all about the concept this one relationship can’t fundamentally satisfy your entire requirements. „Go on it from a Monogamist: Polyamorists Get It Done Better“ weiterlesen