Customer Fraud

Customer Fraud

Phil Lehman, Kristina Lanning, Harriet Worley, and David Kirkman (Introduction by Ellen Miller)


The new york Cooperative Extension provider spent some time working closely with all the new york Attorney General’s workplace in educating the general public about customer fraud. This short article is targeted on four various customer frauds which can be under investigation by the new york Attorney General’s workplace: subprime customer financing methods, pyramid schemes, travel scams, and house fix frauds.


Several years of networking between North Carolina Cooperative Extension in addition to new york Attorney General’s workplace have actually led to a wide range of cooperative ventures, such as the NC Partnership for customer Education, unique training for Family and customer Education agents, the household and customer Education Sting carried out by the new york Extension Homemakers, and unique updates for Command fiscal experts into the U.S. aquatic Corps who Extension assists train. Extension’s part in every one of these efforts that are joint to create and deliver academic programs to aid customers recognize and prevent customer fraudulence.

The Editorial Board invited the North Carolina Attorney General’s Office to submit articles describing current scams and fraudulent practices of special concern in North Carolina in an effort to inform readers of The Forum for Family and Consumer Issues about the different types of consumer fraud addressed by attorney generals’ offices across the country. Four solicitors accepted the invitation, and every presented an article that is short a discussion on predatory financing techniques to low-income consumers, an academic bulletin on pyramid schemes, a customer alert on travel frauds, and a news launch on house fix frauds. „Customer Fraud“ weiterlesen