So what Does the Bible state about Sex before Marriage?

So what Does the Bible state about Sex before Marriage?

I have always been a Christian and I also have sexual intercourse with my gf. In my opinion I’m likely to marry her, but I would like to understand where when you look at the Bible it says to not have intercourse before wedding.

The Bible is full of a lot of information on intercourse, and the truth is, Jesus thinks it is a good idea! And just why should not He, He created it. (See additionally, „Is it okay to kiss my gf? „) But, in the same way it might be unwise to ice skate for a pond in the center of summer time, additionally it is unwise to possess intercourse with anybody who’s not your spouse.

Why? You will find loads of practical, commonsense reasons which have significant effects. Some effects include coping with the alternative of being pregnant, acquiring or sharing a std, and also the many underrated — but possibly most impacting — would be the emotional problems that intimately active teenagers have trouble with and just simply take in their wedding.

You asked for biblical proof, therefore latin mail order bride why don’t we go through the following verses, along side some concerns to think about:

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