Podcast – A Lender’s Take On Tough Money Loans

Podcast – A Lender’s Take On Tough Money Loans

Rough Cash Loans, Sponsor Insight

An in-depth view difficult cash loans with Adam Fountain of Broadmark Capital in the RealCrowd Podcast – The basics of Commercial Real Estate Investing.

Adam Fountain’s duties at Broadmark include investor and customer sourcing, and deal administration across each of Broadmark’s focus areas life that is including, technology, brand new news, center market, real-estate, telecommunications and economic solutions. Their current passions consist of life technology businesses which have demonstrated evidence of concept, especially medications with medical information and products with at animal data that are least, plus some mitigation of risk, e.g. reduced regulatory paths, 505(b)2, etc.

Aspects of fascination with technology include SaaS, brand new news, and any income producing high development organizations. Obligations likewise incorporate all tasks linked to Broadmark’s vendor banking function: determining and qualifying possible direct opportunities and Broadmark that is producing white. Along with these duties, Mr. Fountain is just component owner of Pyatt Broadmark Management, LLC and Broadmark real-estate Management, and accountable for their investor relations and investment management.

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Adam Hooper – Hey, Tyler.

Tyler Stewart – Hey, Adam. How have you been today?

Adam Hooper – I’m great, and welcome RealCrowd listeners to yet another episode of the RealCrowd podcast. Today Tyler, who do we have?

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