Chatting the Tropics With Mike: Fred types near Puerto Rico

Chatting the Tropics With Mike: Fred types near Puerto Rico

Headed for Hispaniola & Southern Bahamas

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Promising nearby – Jax/NE Fl./SE Ga. shock from“Fred” CENTERED ON CURRENT FORECAST:

* rise in tropical moisture later when you look at the saturday into earlier in the future

* several big bands of shower curtains & t’storms Sunday/Mon./Tue.

* isolated waterspouts & tornadoes

* just a little breezy

* little if any storm rise


The durable sunny wave came into the NE Caribbean Tue. & is updated west of Puerto Rico to tropical force “Fred” Tue. night – the 6th called hurricane belonging to the Atlantic time & about 2 1/2 weeks ahead of the avg. go steady of Aug. 28th. The avg. big date for that initial typhoon, in addition, is actually Aug. tenth. Elsa shortly came to be a hurricane at the beginning of July. Returning to Fred – projection models include creep into fairly respectable settlement on growth as well as on the track & rate.

Fred will shift steadily west/northwest with a hub that might have a tendency to “jump across”

a little bit until & unless a good inside basic is made. Fred will slow by later through the week inside week as the hurricane models the western side of the expansive Bermuda significant. One of several additional complicating issues is definitely terrain conversation most notably Puerto Rico & Hispaniola & probably Cuba. There is also a fair amount of dry air to overcome though as a whole situations becoming even more favorable later inside the week. Any difficulty . the defectively structured focus will largely abstain from Puerto Rico & likely definitely not spend a lot period in the Dominican Republic, so Fred may arise across much SW Atlantic in somewhat “decent” condition. „Chatting the Tropics With Mike: Fred types near Puerto Rico“ weiterlesen