Flexisexual: Girls Whom Kiss Girls, But Like Men

Flexisexual: Girls Whom Kiss Girls, But Like Men

Scientists state women can be more open-minded than males inside their sex.

These alleged flexisexuals state that even though they aren’t homosexual if not bisexual, they enjoy flirting and kissing girls — however they still enjoy having sex with guys.

One feminine senior at Hofstra University in ny stated this woman is likely to look to females when she’s had a great deal to take in.

„we simply kiss girls since it’s funny and entertaining to complete whenever underneath the impact, “ she said. „When you merely kiss a man, you cope with the pressures of feeling as you need certainly to go further, along with girls this is certainly never ever a problem. „

The pupil, whom declined to provide her title for fear the next manager might Google her intimate escapades, is regarded as numerous young ladies who are far more versatile within their attitudes about intercourse.

Professionals state they might be affected by the visibility that is growing of partners and much more available attitudes about intercourse as a whole.

Pop tradition, it self, appears to commemorate that flexibility in tracks like Katie Perry’s, „we https://www.camsloveaholics.com/female/smalltits Kissed a lady and I Liked It, “ a song that 19-year-old Alisha Garrison said girls that are“made more able to do whatever they desire. „

„It is certainly not experimenting, but perhaps looking to get some attention, “ stated Garrison, a urban preparation pupil from Simi Valley, Calif.

Perry admits inside her words, „I got therefore courageous, beverage at your fingertips, we destroyed my discernment. „

Flexisexual can be referred to as heteroflexible, pansexual or queer, all variations that are subtle mean they may not be shutting any doors. „Flexisexual: Girls Whom Kiss Girls, But Like Men“ weiterlesen